Идиома в деловом английском

Идиома (от греч. idíоma — особенность, своеобразие), сочетание языковых единиц, значение которого не совпадает со значением составляющих его элементов. 

Исходя из этого определения, становится ясно, что не стоит пытаться дословно переводить устойчивое словосочетание с английского языка на русский. Следует отметить то, что английские идиомы весьма специфичны, как, впрочем, особенна любая «иностранная» культура. Однако нередко встречаются  и такие выражения, которые аналогичны своим русским эквивалентам.

Если хотите «оживить» свою речь, сделать себя интересным собеседником, не забывайте учить идиомы и применять их в общении.

Ниже предлагаем Вам список идиом, используемых в деловом английском:




Ÿ to be on the same wavelength

to share similar opinions and ideas

разделять взгляды кого-либо

Example:" You and your boss seem to agree on most things.” “Yes, we are on the same wavelength.”

Ÿ to beat about the bush

to delay talking about something

ходить вокруг да около

Examplе:  He never gives you a straight answer. He is always beating about the bush.

Ÿ Can’t make head or tail of it                               

to fail to understand everything

невозможно понять что-либо

Examplе:  This report makes no sense at all. I can’t make head or tail of it.

Ÿ to hear it on the grapevine

to hear about something passed from one person to another

слышать слухи

ExamplеI heard it on the grapevine that he had been fired. Is that true?

Ÿ to get straight to the point

to talk about the most important thing

сразу к делу

Examplе: Ok, I’ll get straight to the point I’m afraid we are going to have to let you go.

Ÿ to get the wrong end of the stick

to misunderstand

понять неправильно

Examplе  If you think our biggest problem is market share then you have got the wrong end of the stick.

Ÿ to get our wires crossed

to understand something incorrectly

понять неправильно

Examplе:  Everyone arrived for the meeting at different times.  We must have got our wires crossed.

Ÿ to put in a nutshell

to summarise briefly

кратко, в двух словах

Examplе: It’s a very complicated system, but to put it in a nutshell it works exactly like a big kettle.

Ÿ to put you in the picture

to give the latest information

держать в курсе дела/осведомлять

 Examplе: Some important decisions were taken at yesterday’s meeting.  Let me put you in the picture.

Ÿ to talk at cross purposes

to understand somebody in the wrong way

не понимать друг друга

Examplе: I think we are talking at cross purposes. I mean next month not this one.

Законы в мире бизнеса часто схожи с правилами, принятыми в спорте, военном деле, азартных играх. Именно поэтому употребление значительной части идиом в деловом английском напрямую соотносится сданными сферами.









Ÿ ballpark  figure (very formal)

a vague and casual approximation of anything

приблизительная оценка

Examplе:I don’t know the exact price but $500 is a good ballpark figure.

Ÿ to be on the ball

to know what's happening/ to be aware

быть умным, толковым сметливым

Examplе:  She is smart and really on the ball in her small business.

Ÿplain sailing          

an easy or simple situation

что-то легкое, простое/ все как по маслу

Examplе:  Follow his advice and it’ll be a plain sailing.

Ÿto move the goalposts

to change aims and decisions

менять правила/ изменять решения в свою пользу

Examplе:  You don’t know where you stand they keep on moving the goalposts.

Ÿ a level playing field

a situation that gives no one an advantage

единые правила игры/ равные возможности

Examplе:  We are on a level playing field now. Everything depends on the skills of our sale’s department.

Ÿ play hardball

to deal with someone in a tough way

играть серьёзно/ держать жесткую линию

Examplе: If our competitors won’t comply we are going to have to play hardball.

Ÿ to get the ball rolling

to get a process started

начать что-то делать/ запустить процесс

Examplе:  Let the ball rolling on this new project.

Ÿ drop the ball

make a mistake/to disappoint everyone

сделать ошибку/ расстроить мероприятие, разочаровать

Examplе:  I can't believe it. Joe really dropped the ball on the New Bridge Electronics deal.

Ÿto kick off

to begin a very exciting project

начинать что-то с большим энтузиазмом

Examplе: We like to kick off our sale’s campaign from a seventy percent discount.

Ÿhit it out of the park                                       

to have great success

иметь большой успех

Examplе: It was the best report I have ever heard. You really hit it out of the park.

Ÿ score an own goal                         

to make a mistake which has the opposite effect from what was hoped

забить гол в свои ворота

Examplе:  The bank scored an own goal by introducing unpopular charges. They lost a lot of customers

Ÿ approaching the finishing line

nearing the end

на финишной прямой

Examplе: We are approaching the finishing line as the project must be finished by next week.

Ÿon the ropes

in a very bad situation/ close to defeat

находиться на грани поражения

Examplе: The company is having a terrible year. They are not bankrupt, but they’re definitely on the ropes.

Ÿ  in a league of their own

much better than the rest

быть лучшим, чем остальные

Examplе:  No one makes better cars than Ferrari. I think they are in a league of their own.





Ÿ to be on the warpath

to be very angry

быть очень злым, возмущенным

 Example: Bill’s on the warpath again, there are a lot of mistakes in the publicity material we sent out.

Ÿto do battle with

to  fight out

бороться  с кем-либо

Example: You may have to do battle with insures because they won’t want to pay up.

Ÿ to fight a losing battle

to make no progress in something

топтаться на месте/ стоять на мертвой точке

Example: Manufactures often feel they are fighting a losing battle against counterfeiting.

Ÿ half the battle

a problem which is almost solved

бóльшая часть дела/ полдела сделано

Example: If you can convince the commercial attaché here, that’s half the battle.

Ÿ to fight a running battle

to have a series of arguments

длительные споры

Example:  I’ve been fighting a running battle with the financial department but they won’t give us the money.

Ÿ to stick to your guns

to maintain your own point of view

придерживаться собственного мнения

Example:  She may want to convince you otherwise but you should stick to your guns.

Ÿ to be up in arms

to be very angry and  ready to fight

быть злым, готовым добиваться своего

Example:  She’s up in arms about the lack of safety procedures.

Ÿ to bombard somebody with something                          (enquiries, complaints e t.c.)

to direct so many things at someone, that they find it difficult to deal with them

завалить кого-либо чем-то  (например, запросами или жалобами)

Example: After our last radio campaign, we were bombarded with calls to our customer lines.

Ÿto gain ground

to achieve some good  results / to win in a competition

добиться хорошего результата

Example:  We've gained ground in the Japanese market. We now have a 20% market share, up from just 7% last year.

Ÿ to rally the troops

to motivate others; to get other people excited about doing something

стимулировать, вдохновлять кого-то

Example: After the lay-offs and salary cuts, the airline president organized a meeting to rally the troops and plan for the next year.

Ÿ to bite the bullet

to make a difficult or painful decision/ to take a difficult step

принять сложное решение

Example: When demand was down, U.S. automakers had to bite the bullet and cut jobs.


Ÿ to hedge one’s bets

to reduce chances of failure// to protect yourself against loss by supporting more than one possible result or both sides in a competition

уменьшать потери, уравновешивать

Example:We are trying to hedge our bets and not put all our eggs into one basket.

Ÿ against (all) the odds/  against all odds

there are many difficulties while doing or achieving something

что-то кажущееся трудно выполнимым/ вопреки всему

Example:The odds are stocked against us but we are determined to succeed.

Ÿ to make no odds

to not be important, or to not change a situation or result

что-то несущественное, не влияющее на результат

Example: It makes no odds whether we get permission or not, we’ll go ahead anyway.

Ÿ over the odds

more than something is really worth

о чем-то, что стоит больше, чем заслуживает

Example: They are paying over the odds for the site but it is a prime location.

Ÿ to come up trumps/          to turn up trumps

to complete an activity successfully or to produce a good result, especially when you were not expected to

(неожиданно) благополучно завершить какое-то дело

Example:  We had our doubts about Susan but she has really come up trumps.

Ÿ to  play one’s cards right

to behave in the right way so that one gets an advantage or succeed in something

поступать разумно/ «правильно разыграть карты»

Example: If you play your cards right you’ll get the promotion.

Ÿ a two horse race

a close contest between two groups or companies

тесная борьба, конкуренция между двумя сторонами

Example:It is a two horse race   between Microsoft and Mac in the computer world.

Ÿ to be / to stay ahead of the game

to be leaders in the field/business environment.

быть лидером в какой-то сфере

Example: A very extensive research and development program ensures that we're ahead of the game.

Ÿ to have an ace up one’s sleeve

to have something in reserve with which one can gain an advantage

иметь козырь/ иметь «про запас» то, что может дать преимущество

Example: Launching a  new product is an ace up our sleeve.

Ÿ to hold all the aces

to be in a very strong positions, having more advantages than anyone else 

иметь все преимущества/ иметь все козыри на руках

Example:In a situation like this, it's the big companies who hold all the aces.

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