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ReadingFun_001  Прочитайте. Обратите внимание на выделенные сочетания букв.

I.   [x] - [A]

A) That was a bad day!

In the morning I saw a black cat right near my pack.

I said to myself “Don’t be so sad!”

But after that I sat on a hat of a man in the tram!

He went mad and ranted and raved

And I had to catch the next tram to be saved.

B) Have you ever suffered from a love-coma?

This is the most unpleasant feeling one can imagine.

Sometimes a friendly hug or a big cup of nuts and honey can be a comfort.

But in the most cases we understand that time works wonders.

Just believe in luck!

And then why not go and have lunch in the company of a handsome guy or a beautiful girl.

II. [L]

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

This is your favourite sports reporter Laura Short from Heathrow airport.

Today the Roager’s football team arrived back from New York after loosing the game.

The score was four forty-four and it was all the fault of the forwards.

George Ball, the goalkeeper, told me they were always loosing the ball.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it was really an awful game!

III. [R] - [P]

A) Charles is planning to have a marvelous party on the last Sunday of this month.

He says we’ll dance in the garden in the dark and play the guitar!

Margaret wants to take photographs while we are dancing under the stars.

I can’t wait for the party!

I have a fantastic dress with a scarf for the party.

I will look charming in it.

B) It is something wrong with me.

I want a holiday from this horrible job of washing socks!

My friend told me to buy a bottle of “Onwash”.

They say it is strong and soft and I don’t want lots of hot water with it.

I hope I won’t be sorry when I‘ve got “Onwash”…

Anyway “Onwash” is so popular!

IV. [H] - [V]

A) Dear guests, this is Trudie Rude speaking, the stewardess on board.

Due to bad weather conditions we have to change our route and in two hours we will land in Heathrow airport.

In the afternoon passengers who travel to Honolulu should proceed to gate number two.

Rooms in the hotel are included in price.

We apologise for any problems caused by the route change. In two minutes hot soup and some juice will be served.

B) I can’t cook anything without my cookery book.

Once I lost that precious book and I couldn’t remember where I had put it!

I took a look at all the bookshelves, in my bedroom and in the living room but all for nothing!

I didn’t want to put my foot in it; my guests were going to come!

I couldn’t find it for two days so I had to buy a new cookery book.

Now the book stands on the bookshelf and I am learning to cook new dishes.

V. [W]

I’ve hurt my left leg last Thursday.

Dr. Herbert Ford said I had to go to the hospital tomorrow early in the morning.

That was the worst hospital in the world!

It was very dirty there and nurses never came early to work.

I’ve heard they go for a walk during their working time.

Under these circumstances I preferred to leave that horrible hospital!

VI.  [J] - [i]

A)  It was late in the evening and we decided to have a sandwich.

My sister Jean  wanted to eat a cheese sandwich and Edith  and I a meat sandwich.

The best place for a meal in our city is a meat Greek restaurant.

I was eager to see that place because it came highly recommended from my niece, she was very pleased.

At the weekends they usually treat guests to peach ice-cream.

So what can be better than a meat sandwich with free peach ice-cream late in the evening?

B)  If you ask me what is my favourite film I will tell you.

It’s not just because of interesting plot and many exotic places.

It is Billy Limm – the best actor for me since I was six.

I remember the day I saw the film for the first time.

It’s a pity they don’t shoot films like that now!

Modern films are neither fish nor flesh!

VII.  [q] 

When I was ten, I realised how cruel life can be for an unattractive child.

Everybody in my class was invited to a tenth birthday barbecue on the beach except for me.

The hostess said: “Sorry, Barbara. You are too fat to wear a swimsuit on the beach and you can see nothing without those horrible glasses.”

The chip that was developing on my shoulder became obvious in my aggressive manner.

I cried for hours and my mom was trying to comfort me.

VIII. [e]  

Dear Helen, we’ve spent a splendid holiday in America !

We expected that the weather would be better but everything else was excellent.

We went jogging and played tennis every day.

You can’t imagine but I had no problems with my health and I am already fifty-seven!

I want to tell Eddie that next year I will go to America again!

But it’s rather expensive, so now we have only ten pence left.   

IX. [T] - [D]

A) Everything went wrong on Thursday.

I woke up with a toothache, rang the dentist three times and only the forth time I got through.

He gave me an appointment at three thirty.

I thought it would be suiting to have a bath.

But I tripped getting out of the bath, hit my mouth on the top and broke three teeth.

At the end I had three broken teeth and a toothache.

B) The weather on holiday was ok, but everything else was awful.

My younger brother was ill and my mother stayed in all the time to look after him.

My father wouldn’t leave my mother.

So neither my mother nor my father went out at all.

I went out with my elder brother but we got tired of being together all the time.

My younger brother is all right now, but my mother is very tired.

X. [S] - [Z]

A) I am just crazy about shoes and try to follow shoe fashion every season.

I surely shocked my parents when I bought a pair of shoes for four hundred pounds.

My dad said that he would cut me off with a shilling.

But what kind of explanation could I give him?

Although I am an accomplished musician, in future I want to make a revolution in shoe fashion.

I am sure I will be a success not only with Russian people but also over the ocean.

B) When I was ten my usual activity was watching television.

I spent all my leisure time in front of it and it was of course beyond measure.

Even after much persuasion my mum couldn’t make me leave home and help dad in the garage.

She wouldn’t shout at me because she had an unusual vision of my upbringing.

She made a decision to teach me to enjoy real art.

I choose now what to watch and have my own vision of different genres.

XI. [C] - [G]

A) I was a chess champion when I was a child.

But things have changed and in my last match I was beaten by a seven-year old child.

Such is life and I hope that this child will be a chess champion in future.

As for me, playing chess is still my hobby, and I teach my husband Charlie.

We play with our children as well, but they always try to cheat us!

Hope in couple of lessons we won’t catch them at cheating!

B) For me the book “Three men in a boat” by Jerome K. Jerome was always the best one to enjoy.

Three gentlemen – George, Harris and the narrator - decide that they have symptoms of every disease in existence.

So to prop their failing health three gentlemen went on a journey in a small boat enjoying nature’s bounty.

Mr. Monty – an angelic-looking, devilish terrier is one of my favourite characters.

Just imagine, these three energetic men and the dog get every now and then in all possible troubles.

I am sure you will enjoy reading whatever age group you belong to!